Minilite Style, 6x14
Penta Style, 10x17
Penta Style, 8x16
Penta Style, 8x17
Penta Style, 9x16
Penta Style, 9x17
Working Class Hero, 7x15
Aero Style, 9x17

Aero Style, 9x17


Bundt Style, 6x14
Bundt Style, 7x15
Bundt Style, 7x16
Bundt Style, 7x16
Bundt Style, 7x16
Bundt Style, 7x16
Bundt Style, 8x16
Bundt Style, 8x16
Gulli Style, 7x15
Gulli Style, 8x16
Gulli Style, 8x17

Marketed as the 2nd iteration or generation of the iconic Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the W126 is an icon of luxury and sophistication. Manufactured from 1979 all the way to 1991, this car holds a special place in the hearts of many petrolheads all over the world.

At PartsForClassic, we provide a selection of metal parts and accessories tailored for the W126 model. Whether you need to buy body components for restoration or repair of your daily driver, or are looking for a new project to sell, we have you covered.

From arches to fenders, each piece can help ensure your W126 restoration project will look well and last long. Our prices are designed to offer the best value, and you can order from anywhere in the world. Read the product pages for more info.

Deliveries are done worldwide.

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