The wheel arches of a classic car like BMW E23 are super important body parts that significantly impact both the look of your car and its structural integrity. These metal body parts form the contours around the wheels. The size, proportion and look heavily influence how the car looks on the road, and how other internal components are protected from moisture and debris.

Because they act as a first line of defence, 1977 – 1986 BMW E23 arches are among the first areas to rust due to constant exposure to moisture and road salt, making BMW E23 arch repair something that must be done during most restoration projects or serious repairs. Our arches look good and can be bought at a lower price whilst also offering the possibility to DIY.

Importance of E23 Wheel Arches

The significance of arches extends beyond their protective role. They are essential in maintaining the vehicle’s original design ideas and language. Wide arches depict a sporty, strong look whilst narrow arches can hint of elegance and subtle discreteness.

Rust in the wheel arch area not only damages the E23 appearance but can also lead to significant structural issues if not looked after. Our E23 repair panels can help solve these problems, providing replacement that restores the vehicle’s original look and feel.

You can protect the heritage of your car’s badge with affordable, strong metal parts for your car.

Buying Arches for Your Car Online

Get your E23 arch repair sets at a competitive price, ensuring that you can fit within the limits of your budget. Just find what you need, add to cart, choose the best payment and delivery method and we’ll ship it directly to you. PartsForClassic delivers items like arches, rear fenders and other metal body parts worldwide.

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