Working Class Hero, 7x15
X Spoke Style, 7x15
Alpina Style, 6x15
CD66 Style, 8x13, 4x100
CD66 Style, 8x13, 4x100
Minilite Style, 5,5x13
Minilite Style, 6x13
Minilite Style, 6x14
Minilite Style, 7x13
Minilite Style, 7x13
Minilite Style, 7x15
Minilite Style, 8x13
Minilite Style, 9x13

The legendary E10 is one of the most loved and first BMW classic coupes and hatchbacks to hit the road.

PartsForClassic is your go-to destination for all BMW E10 body restoration and repair needs.

We specialize in high-quality metal BMW E10 parts and accessories for the body such as arches, fenders, and more. With such a wide range of goods, our shop ensures that enthusiasts can buy authentic replacements at a very friendly price.

The cost is competitive, making BMW E10 body repair and/or restoration back to its original glory much more affordable and convenient. Place your order today and revive the timeless elegance of your BMW E10 02 Series with quality parts.

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