BMW e12 model Production 1972–1981 years

WCHE, 7x15

WCHE, 7x15


X Spoke Style, 7x15
x spoke Style, 7x16 BMW 5er E12
Alpina Style, 7x16
Alpina Style, 8x16
Alpina Style, 9x17
BMW 5 series E12

BMW 5 series E12


The first generation of the now classic BMW 5 Series, the E12 is a staple in automotive culture worldwide.

For owners and potential buyers of these cars, we offer custom metal parts and acessories needed for any BMW E12 restoration and/or repair.

With metal parts from PartsForClassic, you can say bye-bye to rust and enjoy a strong, beautifully-looking BMW body.

Our extensive catalog offers everything needed for BMW E12 restoration, from arches to fenders and so much more. Whether you’re looking to buy specific components for the 5 series BMW E12 restoration, our competitive price will make us the ideal choice. Order now and ensure you get what you need and that your car looks as good as it can.

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