Welcome to our e-shop specializing in premium metal body parts for BMW E6 vehicles. Whether you’re restoring a classic beauty or repairing damage from a collision, we’ve got you covered.

Alpina Style, 6x15
CD66 Style, 8x13, 4x100
CD66 Style, 8x13, 4x100
Minilite Style, 5,5x13
Minilite Style, 6x13
Minilite Style, 6x14
Minilite Style, 7x13
Minilite Style, 7x13
Minilite Style, 7x15
Minilite Style, 8x13
Minilite Style, 9x13
Working Class Hero, 7x15
X Spoke Style, 7x15

Our meticulously crafted metal parts are tailor-made to seamlessly integrate with your BMW E6, ensuring a flawless finish that resembles the original bodywork. Say goodbye to rust and dents with our top-quality replacement body parts, designed to meet the highest standards of durability and aesthetics. Shop with confidence knowing that each part is engineered for precision and authenticity, allowing you to restore your BMW E6 to its former glory with ease.

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