E23 battery tray
WCHE, 7x15

WCHE, 7x15


x spoke Style, 7x15
Alpina Style, 10,5x18
Alpina Style, 7x16
Alpina Style, 8x16
Alpina Style, 9x17
Alpina Style, 9x17
Alpina Style, 9x18, ET12
Alpina Style, 9x18, ET7
BMW 7er E23

BMW 7er E23


The original version of the limousine BMW 7 series is best-known under the code name BMW E23. PartsForClassic offers a wide range of high-quality metal body parts and panels for this particular chassis.

To each and every BMW E23 owner, PartsForClassic can become the ultimate one-stop-shop for metal restoration parts that are needed for body repair and restauration.

From fenders to arches, our selection caters exclusively to a wide variety of BMW 7er models including the Daddy Mac – E23.

With competitive cost, purchasing high-quality replacement metal becomes a seamless process. Order now and ensure your BMW E23 restoration is completed with parts and panels that match the specs. Stop rusting from getting too serious with our products.

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