When it comes to restoring a classic Bavarian Motor Works E10 2002 model, one of the most critical areas that demand attention is the floor. Over time, the floor of any car, (whether it’s a BMW, a VW, a Merc, Ford, Dodge, Nissan, etc.), but especially models from yesteryears, is prone to rust and deterioration. This creates a huge challenge in restoration works. That is why PartsForClassic offers floor pans and panels for classic 1966 – 1977 year BMW E10. It’s an essential part for both professional restorers and those who chose this car for their daily driving. Our products are precisely manufactured metal sheet parts that are direct replicas of the original specifications.

Highest Quality Floor Pans and Panels for Your E10 (2002) BMW

Our floor pans and panels are not just any replacement parts. They are custom made to be a perfect match for your car.

Whether you need to replace the front or rear floor pan or any other place, you can definitely trust what we offer for an exact fit.

Made from high-quality metal sheets, these floor pans and panels are designed to resist rust and ensure longevity, even in very difficult climates and with road salts and any other challenges.

The weld-on installation process is streamlined, allowing for a straightforward integration with your vehicle’s bodywork. Whether it’s a front or rear section of the floor, our panels and pans can help kickstart any restoration project.

Affordability Meets Excellence – Quality Floor Pans and Panels for 1966 – 1977 E10

One of the most compelling reasons to buy our floor pans and panels for 1966 – 1977 BMW 02 Series E10 is the perfect balance between price and quality.

We are fellow classic car enthusiasts ourselves and thus understand that restoring a classic car involves considerable investment, which is why our efforts are dedicated to offer components at a decent price.

Deliveries are done worldwide. If you have questions, feel free to reach out and we’ll get you answers, recommendations or quotes.

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