Alpina Style, 6x15
Alpina Style, 7x15
Alpina Style, 7x16
Alpina Style, 8x16
CD66 Style, 8x13, 4x100
CD66 Style, 8x13, 4x100
Minilite Style, 5,5x13
Minilite Style, 6x13
Minilite Style, 6x14
Minilite Style, 7x13
Minilite Style, 7x13
Minilite Style, 7x15
Minilite Style, 8x13
Minilite Style, 9x13
Working Class Hero, 7x15
X Spoke Style, 7x15

The 1st iteration of the now legendary BMW 3 series (best-known as the E21 chassis), is a sought-after collectible and still fun daily driver. If you own one or plan to restore, you will likely need metal body parts.

PartsForClassic offers a vast array of metal body parts and panels as well as accessories, tailored specifically for the old-school BMW E21.

For owners, collectors or restauration specialists, rust repair can be a an expensive hassle. But with PartsForClassic, you can purchase with confidence, knowing our prices reflect the quality and precision your BMW E21 restoration demands. Order your needed parts today and bring your classic back to life.

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